Centerpieces Made Easy

Simple vases

Be creative you can get vases from thrift stores !

 Why pay so much for a one time event! thrift stores carry a varity of vases for you to decorate inexpensively. Learn to cut corners yet be elegant. vase painted on top to  the color of your liking. seal it with modpodge, cut rhinestone two colors if desired,

( ex. shows blue and silver ) different size on bottom.

Here we take little shot glasses to use as candle lights .

 Simple rhinestone glue on and blue acrylic paint go over several coats as desired.

Purchase mirror tiles on line through Amazon, Ebay or other store online, also keep an open eye at the thrift store they may have a stack of mirror tiles !

For lights you can purchase the little battery candles,or purchase real ones to light if permitted at your event venue!

In the example this is a fish bowl size !  Place colored stones, flowers or greenery as desired!

Battery lights can then be placed inside also hidden in greenery or flowers!


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  1. Great tips! We have created looks using similar ideas and it’s still amazing. You don’t always have to splurge to get a great look.


    1. Thank you for visiting , yes being creative is fun and helps your wallet!

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